Louisiana State Paralegal Association

Founder and Administrator of the LCP Certification

LSPA, Founder and Administrator of the LCP Certification Exam

Put your best evidence on the table. Paralegals who have the Louisiana Certified Paralegal certificate have demonstrated knowledge in general law, ethics, and civil procedure, as well as four substantive law subjects specific to Louisiana. Along with prerequisite CLA/CP certification from NALA, an LCP certificate is the undisputed professional credential for Louisiana paralegals.

Examinations are administered each April and October, and a review course is offered periodically.

Attention all Louisiana Certified Paralegals (LCP)

When you are within thirty days of the expiration date of your LCP certification, you are required to complete and submit the LCP RECERTIFICATION AFFIDAVITIf it has been more than five years since you obtained the LCP credential, whether or not you have obtained an updated certificate, please complete and submit the Recertification Affidavit. 

You may submit the affidavit via email to lcp@la-paralegals.org and mail the original to 

Louisiana State Paralegal Association
P. O. Box 51690
Lafayette, LA  70505

Effective June 1, 2020, there will be a $25.00 re-certification fee. If you do this before June 1, 2020, there will be no fee. 

~ LCP Certifying Board




LSPA recognizes Louisiana paralegals who have achieved
the Louisiana Certified Paralegal credential.



1996 - Charter LCPs

Mary D. Ashley, CLA, LCP

Tanya M. Herring, CLA, LCP

Jimmie W. Murvin, CLAS, LCP

Karen C. Schilling, CLA, LCP



Shondra L. “Shonnie” Broussard, CLA, LCP


Jessie Cormier, CP, LCP


Billie Bacle, CLA, LCP

Desiree’ D. Early, CLA, LCP

Vallery C. Gorenflo, CLA, LCP

Shirley S. Reed, CLA, LCP

Phyllis S. Stevens, CLA, LCP



Ashley D. Hausse, CP, LCP


Kristen M. Bergeron, CP, LCP



Pamela East, CLA, LCP

Jan L. Melton, CLA, LCP



Renatti Dupont, CP, LCP

Deborah P. Fontenot, ACP, LCP

Emma Guidry, CP, LCP



Michelle Domas, CP, LCP


Gail P. Seale, CLA, LCP


Robert Jullens, CLA, LCP

Terri L. Russo, CLA, LCP



Ellizabeth D. Andre, CP, LCP

Ashley G. Armand, CP, LCP


Katherine Matuschka, CLA, LCP

Kellie Manuel, CLA, LCP






authorized to use the LCP designation

July 2016


The Louisiana paralegals listed below have achieved and maintain the credential of Certified Paralegal (CP) or Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) through NALA and Louisiana Certified Paralegal (LCP) through LSPA.


Kristen M. Bergeron, CP, LCP

Shondra W. Broussard, CLA, LCP

Jessie L. Cormier, CP, LCP

Michelle Domas, CP, LCP

Renatti S. Dupont, CP, LCP

Desiree D. Early, CLA, LCP

Pamela H. East, ACP, LCP

Deborah P. Fontenot, ACP, LCP

Emma H. Guidry, CP, LCP

Tanya M. Herring, ACP, LCP

Robert Jullens CP, LCP

Ashley D. Kujawa, ACP, LCP

Kellie M. Manuel, CLA, LCP

Katherine W. Matuschka, CLA, LCP

Jan L. Melton, CLA, LCP